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A Laughing Buddha, Known As The Happy Buddha, Is One Of The Most Popular Statues. It Brings Good Luck And Wealth Among Others. So If You Keep One At Home, It Is Believed To Bring Success, Prosperity, Carrying Symbolisms Of Wealth Like A Pot Of Gold Or A Sack With Treasures Prosperity And Happiness. How To Recognize This Buddha? Smiling Face, Protruding Belly . .Buying One For Your Home? Try To Buy A Bigger One And Place It Directly Facing The Main Door. You Can Also Place It On Your Side Table Or Corner Table That Is Located Diagonally Opposite Of Your Front Door But Still Facing The Door. With Other Buddha’S, Avoid Placing Them On The Ground Or In Spots Below The Soles Of Your Feet. This Is A Sign Of Disrespect. Many Feng Shui Would Recommend Placing It Above Eye Level. This Is What I’Ve Seen A Lot In Cambodia As Well. This Is A Position Of Reverence And Respect.
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